Our Story

SC is a beauty and health brand founded by sister duo BieFarah and Sasha in 2017. SC is the abbreviation of its first product, SexyCurve Waist-trainer, which was launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the same year. SexyCurve Waist-trainer’s instant success had encouraged the sisters to expand distribution beyond the Malaysian market. Today, SexyCurve products are available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore.

BieFarah and Sasha have always aspired to achieve their full potentials in life. Sasha is the face of SC. She has great experience in health and fitness. Her extensive travel around the region further reinforced her beliefs that, with effective and natural products and proper exercise programme, any person can look and feel good. BieFarah has an entrepreneurial spirit and she puts her passion and experience into the running of SC. She is confident with a well thought-out business model, she can impact positively in the lives of many. 

The sisters understood promoting the best products was only half the challenge. For that, they also championed an online SC Community that shares inspiring stories and beauty tips to their followers. This is the sisters’ commitment to SC followers to help achieving their beauty goals – and to keep at it. 

SC has made leaps and bounds since its inception a year and a half ago. Today, SC is one of the most talked about startup companies in the beauty industry in Malaysia, with 50K strong followers (combined) and growing. SC believes by staying steadfast to its vision and to grow hand in hand with its followers, the future is looking bright and sexy.